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  • How to Import Japanese Used Cars to Africa?




    How to Import Japanese Used Cars to Africa?




    Import Japanese used cars to africa.There are few tools at the disposal of the average person than the Internet.  Its ubiquity allows virtually anyone with a connection to find, order and have delivered anything they wish.  This includes Japanese used cars.

    Finding a car from japan auction is a fairly simple process.  Getting the Japanese car to you, however cannot be just as simple.  Most of  times before the Japanese used cars are loaded onto a trailer and hauled to the customer's location there is a long process and effort required.We at Japanese used cars help our customers to make that very process simple and transparent for our clients globally.The same process applies to import Japanese cars to africa.How every we make the process simple and help you choose the best stock.

    Unless your customer is on another continent.  This leads to some logistical issues that have to be resolved.  Moving a car from Japan to Africa is quite a chore, but it is not a task that is impossible to pull off by "Japanese used cars"

    Import Cars to Africa

    As Africa is one the biggest continent where Japanese cars are used frquently.In certain African countries the import policies are fairly simple while some countries have pain staking procedures to follow.Our aim at Japanese used cars is to make import of Japanese cars simplest and fastest for our customers in Africa.As the demand of Japanese car models is growing by day certain countries have seen more demand than others few are highlighted below.

    1. TANZANIA                                                     how_to_buy_a_car-1



    4. KENYA

    5. UGANDA

    6. NIGERIA

    7. EGYPT



    Many car manufacturers are loathe to allow imports of any sort, and they will do all they can to keep this from taking place.  It is tightly governed, and only used cars can be imported to most countries.  Even then, there are certain requirements that must be met by the  car import customer.  These are the most common reasons for importation:

    • Physical disability – Those who need a specially modified vehicle, such as a lift van or modified steering have trouble finding the best fit in Africa.  A person will need to have evidence of need.  Normally a physician's letter is sufficient depending on the country's specific laws.

    • Inheritance – Yes; some people leave cars to their loved ones.  You will need to prove this is the reason for the import and may be hard to do with a car from Japan.

    • Car collector and vintage models – Recognized international collectors can import with little to no problem (likely because they can easily afford to).  Vintage cars, over 40 years old, is also possible.  Japanese imports made in the late 1970's will soon qualify as will models from the early 1980's.  Given the solid reputation of Japanese models, this is a good choice.

    • Racing – Japanese racing cars are wildly popular, particularly with the drifting Phnom.  Again, licensing is required.

    • Returning home – Those who have left the country for a period of time and took a personal car with them will be able to bring the car in.

    These represent the absolute requirements.  Each country will have its specific requirements, so it is best to check with your country's ministry for specifics.  These reasons should cover the majority of people looking to import.


    An import permit from the necessary ministry of the government is required.  It is wise to plan ahead before importing.  No less than six months ahead of time is a good consideration.  This will give ample time to acquire correct paperwork and information.   If you have selected a make/model, be sure it is still available.  Specifics are required from the government on the car.


    Imports will have required taxes in addition to the import fees themselves.  Again, contacting the governmental agencies in charge is the best thing to do.  The fees can be quite high, so be prepared to pay.  These fees will be due at various times during the process so have everything prepared in advance (remember the six months!)

    Good luck on your choice of imports.  If we can help you with the process or decision, do not hesitate to contact us.

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